Thionyl chloride
          Isophthaloyl chloride
          Terephthaloyl chloride
          P-nitrobenzoyl chloride
          2-propoxychloroethane (chlo
          Sulfur dioxide
          sulfuric acid
          M-methylbenzoyl chloride
          P-methylbenzoyl chloride

M-methylbenzoyl chloride

Product name M-methylbenzoyl chloride
Molecular formula C8H7ClO; CH3C6H4COCl
Molecular weight 154.59
CAS NO 1711-06-4
Physical and chemical Density 1.16, melting point -2 °C, boiling point 225-227 °C, refractive index 1.5525-1.5545, flash point 82 °C
Uses For medicine, pesticides, photographic materials, dyes and so on.

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