Thionyl chloride
          Isophthaloyl chloride
          Terephthaloyl chloride
          P-nitrobenzoyl chloride
          2-propoxychloroethane (chlo
          Sulfur dioxide
          sulfuric acid
          M-methylbenzoyl chloride
          P-methylbenzoyl chloride

sulfuric acid

Product name sulfuric acid
Molecular formula H2SO4
Molecular weight 98.078
CAS NO 7664-93-9
Properties Sulfuric acid is a colorless viscous oily liquid, is a high boiling point of volatile strong acid, soluble in water, can be mixed with water than any.
Uses Can be used in the manufacture of fertilizers, drugs, explosives, pigments, detergents, batteries, etc., are also widely used in the purification of oil, metal smelting and dyes and other industries. Commonly used as chemical reagents, in organic synthesis can be used as dehydrating agent and sulfonating agent.
Executive standard GB/T534-2002

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