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Sulfur dioxide

Product name Sulfur dioxide
Molecular formula SO2
Molecular weight 64.0638
CAS NO 7446-09-5
Properties Sulfur dioxide gas is a colorless, highly irritating odor with a choking gas. In the standard state, the gas density is 2.9266kg/m³, liquefaction temperature -10.09 ℃. 157.26 deg.] C critical temperature, critical pressure 7.795MPa, critical density 0.516g / cm³. Dioxide soluble in water, a medium dissolved gas, acidic aqueous solution, the solubility of sulfur dioxide in sulfuric acid with increasing sulfuric acid concentration decreases.

Liquid Sulfur Dioxide Main Uses Preparation of chemicals and pharmaceuticals for the preparation of bisulfite, such as sodium bisulfite, as a paper mill bleach.

Executive standard GB/T 3637-1993

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