Thionyl chloride
          Isophthaloyl chloride
          Terephthaloyl chloride
          P-nitrobenzoyl chloride
          2-propoxychloroethane (chlo
          Sulfur dioxide
          sulfuric acid
          M-methylbenzoyl chloride
          P-methylbenzoyl chloride

P-nitrobenzoyl chloride

Product name P-nitrobenzoyl chloride
Molecular formula C7H4ClNO3
Molecular weight 185.56
CAS NO 122-04-3
Properties Yellow needle crystal, melting point 71-74 ºC, boiling point 202-205 ºC (14kPa), soluble in ether, water and alcohol decomposition. Easy to absorb moisture. Have to stimulate the taste
Uses Mainly used as medicine, dyes, color developers of intermediates, in the pharmaceutical industry for procainamide hydrochloride, folic acid and other production.
Executive standard Q/0302SKS010-2016

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